Debt today….Gone Tomorrow !!

Debt never sleeps… and often, because of Debt, neither do you. Don’t let debt rule your life.

If you or your company is in financial distress and you live in constant fear of threatening calls from Creditors you need to act fast!

Insolvency in South African law refers to a status of diminished legal capacity, imposed by the courts on persons and legal entities (such as trusts, partnerships, clubs, companies and deceased estates) who are unable to pay their debts. Insolvency Law is guided by the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936, along with the Companies Act or Close Corporations Act, whichever is relevant.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of Insolvency Law. Our team understands the highly stressful and emotional challenges that face our clients when considering the various procedures of the insolvency process and will ensure that the right approach is adopted for your situation. Accurate and prudent legal advice is pivotal to all parties involved in insolvency matters

Some of the services we offer:

  • Applications for sequestration of trusts and individuals (voluntary and compulsory)
  • Applications to liquidate companies and close corporations
  • The voluntary winding up of companies
  • Business rescue of companies in financial distress
  • Rehabilitation of insolvent estates
  • Cross-border insolvency
  • Insolvency enquiries
  • Insolvency related litigation matters
  • Liability of directors and other ancillary issues
  • Offers of compromise
  • Proof of claims