Tax Relief Applications

A tax relief application is an application whereby the South African Revenue Services can temporary or permanently reduce or write off the amount of tax owed by an individual or business entity.

In South Africa an individual or business entity typically gets relief from taxes through tax deductions, credits, exclusions, or forgiveness of a tax lien.

There are a great many rules and provisions regarding the eligibility and limitations of the various tax credits that are available, as well as numerous aspects that need to be covered in a Tax Relief application before SARS can legally entertain the application.

Should SARS not be provided with all the requirements as stipulated under the Tax Act, the application may well be substantially flawed, and SARS may not grant temporary or permanent relief.

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Our services range from consulting on the tax aspects of clients’ commercial dealings to interacting on their behalf with the tax authorities, whether in seeking rulings and other dispensations on their behalf, or in dealing with disputes.

Our tax lawyers are skilled in handling objections to assessments, settlement negotiations, appeals in the Tax Court and High Court, and alternative dispute resolution processes.

Our team of attorneys will create a safe and constructive environment to assess risk and provide advice on tax compliance and the corresponding tax implications.

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