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The Companies Act 71 of 2008, as amended by Act 3 of 2011, governs the formation of companies in South Africa. The most basic categorization is the division between companies for profit and non-profit companies.

Companies for profit can be sub-divided into: state-owned companies, private companies, personal liability companies and public companies. The unifying characteristic of all private companies is that they are intended to generate financial returns for shareholders. Over-and-above these business types, prospective business owners can also choose from business trusts, unincorporated partnerships and joint ventures and sole proprietorships.

Non-profit companies are incorporated for the benefit of the public and require a minimum of three persons.

At Francois Uys Inc. Attorneys we provide South African businesses with expedited and efficient company registration services. We are a team of qualified business Attorneys and Legal Practitioners standing by to assist you in any way possible to make this process as simple and as rewarding as possible.

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